in a nutshell

The Maltese Islands are the perfect destination, with a 7000-year-old history, a unique fusion of cultures, sunny weather, beautiful small beaches and varied nightlife.

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on the map

Glancing at a map you can quickly see why Malta is often dubbed as "The jewel in the heart of the Mediterranean." At just 93km from Sicily and 288km from Tunisia,

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roam around the islands

The Maltese archipelago consists of five islands of which Malta and Gozo are inhabited while Comino has summer visitors. Get around Malta by road or ferry.

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maltese islands flip catalogue

Enjoy a browse through these beautiful brochures about the Maltese Islands, brought to you by Malta Tourism.

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history & culture flip catalogue

Malta developed into a multilingual, warm, friendly people with a very colourful history and diverse culture.

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official malta culture guide app

Download this free Malta Culture Guide App brought to you by the Malta Tourism Authority.