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Discover Malta
From megaliths, medieval dungeons and Renaissance cathedrals to sunny weather, beautiful beaches and a varied nightlife, the Maltese Islands are the perfect destination for culture-vultures and sun-seekers alike.

The Maltese islands lie practically in the middle of the Mediterranean and the islands' 7000-year-old history, which includes various foreign occupations, has culminated into a fascinating and diverse culture made up of a medley of styles and traditions. Mingle with the locals for a full experience of Maltese lifestyle, so unique even with a population of less than half a million.

About Malta
Although consisting of a relatively small surface area, the Maltese islands offer a concentration of interesting features so rich that they are a pleasure to discover by any type of visitor.

History & Culture
Heritage left from our forefathers, throughout Malta's ancient history, is scattered around the islands. Visit these links to discover more:

Events & Activities
Malta offers a diverse selection of entertainment options. Whether you like to live your holiday by day or by night, various activities, places of entertainment and regular events promise not a moment's boredom!